Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kitchen Reno

Alright, let me just begin this post by saying how excited these little projects make me. I’m 100% sure I get this from my dad. We had a blast, and as a bonus our kitchen looks WAY better. So! Let’s get to the good stuff.

My ideas:
1. Sliding pantry – more on this below.

2. Tile Backsplash – my dad is a master.

3. Update our cabinets. Let’s just say they all had the finish of a wooden spoon – which is literally my worst nightmare.

4. Create more storage in our small space.

Let’s Get to work! PS don’t ask why we chose to cut tile and use the table saw in the very coldest part of the year. Not a great idea.

First item of business- let’s paint. Here’s some action pics Brad took haha.

P1070536 P1070537

 P1070538 P1070539


And my personal favorite of the painting/foot-rub combo. Workin’ hard! 


Old Yeller!! It had to go… It was literally taking 60+ minutes to pre-heat. A chef in training cannot work in those conditions!!

Once we got all the painting done – we started building the shelf! The idea was – utilize the 6” of space we have and turn it into storage! So we built a sliding pantry! Genius I tell you. And we now need to patent it.


P1070558 P1070560


P1070564 P1070569

So let’s look at the after pics!






This is the coolest pantry ever! Slides in and out perfectly and is just awesome, turned out better than I thought!




This is the stove my parents bought when they lived in this basement apartment 30 years ago. They bought it used haha. My grandpa lovingly named it “Old Yeller.”

AFTER – Is this the same place?


A new range!!! Yay!!! Plus an awesome tiny LED light to light up the stove. Brad said we stole these lights off the headlights of an Audi.

BEFORE – bye bye old yeller+hood.




Putting up this little tiny spice rack saved a TON of counter space. Haha it’s all relative I guess. It’s a ton for me!


Let’s just say I didn’t have much counter space to work with. Now that I look at this picture, I am wondering how I cook in this kitchen at all?? We’ve lived here for a year and a half already! Haha.


The tile looks so good! I love it! Oh and bonus, we put in a bench seat for our little corner table, which also has storage.


And then I just started getting crazy.




Our basement kitchen renovation was definitely a success! My new oven takes exactly 4mins to pre-heat. It even has a countdown timer on the pre-heat. It’s a dream. I think my cooking will seriously improve now :) Now if we could only do something to raise the ceilings……..


  1. Wow, guys!!! It looks amazing!! It's insane how different the place is. Seriously, I love seeing what a little facelift can do for an old space. Way to do it yourself. Why don't we facetime you guys regularly again? I still love you!

  2. LOVE IT ALL! Good work, it looks really good!