Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Year. Real Life.

Hey peoples-

So I don't know how I will follow up the last post about Europe. I feel like that poor chump who has to try and make a 3 foot par putt after Tiger sinks an unthinkable 30 footer to take the lead on Sunday. Anyway, life continues post-euro. Here are some pictures:

It was our 1 year anniversary not too long ago. Naturally, we celebrated with the top of our wedding cake. Thankfully, it had a nice think layer of frosting that preserved the delicious chocolate cake inside. It was delicious!
To celebrate the occasion, we went up to Hotel Park City where we stayed our first nights married. Same room and everything. It was amazing.

If you want to know about our bike ride of all bike rides that happened that day up The Devil's Spine, ask. It is way to much to write about in a blog.

Recently, we had an idea. Here's how it came about: Spencer and I tend to get a little competitive in some aspects of our lives. Thanks to modern technology- scores from games on our iPhones can now be shared and seen as they happen. This has led to an addiction to the game Fruit Ninja on my part. I must say Spencer's scores blow mine out of the water across the board but that is beside the point. One night, we figured why not play REAL LIFE Fruit Ninja? A quick search on the internet for a Samurai Sword and there has never been a better Ebay purchase for $25.
Why not dress up for Real Life Fruit Ninja?

Dani was slicin' kiwi's like nobody's business
Blakely was swinging too fast for the camera to get a good pic. But can you see that kiwi sliced in half?

Master Fruit Ninja's

Quadruple Fruit Combo?

In other fruit related news- Dani made a delicious Key Lime Pie for Steve on Fathers Day.