Sunday, May 13, 2012

Graduation 2.0 + Canyon BBQ!

(to say the least) 

The last two years of my life I've been a little busy reading Harvard Business School Cases. And writing papers on them. But not until I've completed a late-into-the-night group project on that case. And then changed our mind so we had to start over. But then one of the numbers was off in part A, so we needed to start over again. When we change that we have to change the marketing mix, our WACC, the elasticity of our company, and project schedule/budget and plan.

You can see why, on this glorious graduation day, I seem to be a little crazy. 

Nevertheless, it is here!! Graduation baby. A lot has happened in the past two years, the most important being my handsome husband. His optimistic, calming personality was the only way I survived all of those cases. Just ask my classmates- I was a different girl when I started school. Let's just call it a little bit more..... Haha ok nevermind let's just call it what it is- I was more crazy! I was anxious, stressed, and always seemed to have too much on my plate. 

Enter Brad. 

He is unbelievable at being steady. Oh he gets excited (a lot), and sometimes (rarely) is down too. But he has a wonderful gift of seeing the world in perspective. He doesn't get stressed about the little stuff and handles everything in a very reasonable way. And the best part- he's rubbing off on me :) I'm a much different person than I was in August 2012. I like to call it more mature!
It's looks like a great day to Graduate!
Here it is! The real deal. Master of Business Administration. 

After all the walking and commencing, we got a little bored during the rest of the name reading...

Just keepin it real :) 

 Best Friends
I have a pretty great support team!
 (I felt like this was wedding pictures all over again haha)
My parents are amazing! They encouraged me, supported me and yes laughed WITH me every step of the way. Thank you for all you do! 

Sometimes it is good to be fancy :) After graduation we went to the Little America Steakhouse- yum!

Business school is was hard. That pretty much sums it up. But seeing where I am today and looking over the last 2 years, it was incredibly gratifying. I got a full-time job offer from the Church! I've been interning there since January, and I've loved it.  I work as a project manager on the Meetinghouse Technologies team. Incredibly interesting projects and truly gratifying work. I feel so grateful to work where I do and know I wouldn't be there without my education.  Graduate on Friday, and start full-time on Monday- I'd say that was a pretty good turn around!

Now- time to party!
May is my favorite month. But I think this year especially.  We wanted to celebrate both graduation and my Bday, so we invited a bunch of friends up the canyon! We had so much fun! Brad and I went up a little early on Saturday to claim a site and to set up!

The before...
My pyro husband!
Literally a happy camper!
 We had a lot of fun! Good times with good friends.

 Oh and ps- Happy Mother's Day! This also means talking to our little brother's. Kyle got to skype. We skyped him via FaceTime haha. We love technology.