Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{last} Weekend Update

No this is not the Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey version of Weekend Update, but I do have some good stuff. 

Whew! Last weekend was a blast! We did A LOT. This week we've done a lot. But most importantly, we have pictures of it ---->

Ok so date night with Blake and Spence to Red Rock (yum) and then sommmmebody gets the idea that we need to go check out some new hardware. So we hit up Best Buy, Costco, and finally RC Willey.  Here are the results. 

Shoes Off. Completely Relaxed. He is hilarious!
Then we tried out the massage/anti-gravity chairs...
"Excuse me sir, can I get you a creamie to make your RC Willey experience more enjoyable?" 
 Then, RC Willey, bless their hearts, were giving away free pizza stones that day! Yes! Soooo the next night you can guess what we made for dinner!
Shaina & Jeff- you better watch out! There may have to be a pizza throw-down!!!

Half Margherita, Half Steakhouse with A1 even! Yes, we will be making this again. And again.

Getting ready for church!

PS This is after I cut 5 inches off my hair... I promise. See next picture haha.
 It was a fabulous weekend! We loved every minute of it! 

ANNNND I just realized I never posted about my fun little get-away to Seattle! Sisters weekend!! Mel was on Spring (?) Break, Em had lost Jesse to tax season, Shaina drove down from Grandview, and I came in for a fun weekend to spend with my sisters! 

This whole sister concept is new to me- and can I say that I LOVE it? Don't be fooled by the picture below, this is not two separate families, I am the in-law. However, I do seem to fit right in? Or make Emily fit right in? Haha, either way- I love having sisters!

And for that matter- I love having nephews and niece! Steve, Dan, Jay and Rose- I loved spending time with them because we just don't get to see them as much as we'd like to! Here are the few pics I have :) 

I stole this one from Shaina's blog because it was so cute!

And this one just cracks me up. Church. haha Drool puddle!

This trip was seriously so fun. Girl time, nephew/niece time. Loved every minute of it :) Thanks to all who made that possible!

And most of all I just love this guy.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

THE bike.

Yes, we finally got THE bike.
The bike that we have looked for in just about every shop in the SL valley.
The bike that they only make 12 of per year.
The bike that accomodates B's large-ness.
*And most importantly, the bike that matches his bike shoes I got him for Christmas :)
Ok maybe that is not the most important, but is never a bad thing to look good!

BEHOLD- The bike!

It really is a thing of beauty, I won't lie. 
2012 Specialized Roubaix Expert, Brand-spanking-new, super nice(fast) Mavic wheels, Ultegra components. Bottom line- Brad got top of the line!! I guess that is a bonus to being so tall. They don't make the crap bikes in tall sizes, only the nicest ones!

And the best part of the bike: The dinky little bell on the handlebars. It instantly takes this perfecly engineered piece of carbon fiber from being a highly respected racing bike--- to a 10 year old girl riding home from school.

And he dings it every chance he gets :) Haha.

The weather was not cooperating for a few weeks after we got it, but since the sun has joined us again, last week we went 5 days in a row! Yes, I even took him on the initiation ride of Emigration Canyon.  And big surprise: He absolutely killed it. Like barely even seemed phased! How annoying! I'm telling you this man was built to ride. He is fast and is only going to get faster. Watch out SLC. Besides his incredibly broad shoulders, he looks like a full-blown cyclist!

However, besides his incredible ability for this sport, we are having a lot of fun TOGETHER.  It is the best to ride together after a full day of work/school! The sun shining, big mama hill climbs, speedy downhills, good times :) What a fantastic hobby for us to do until our legs don't work anymore! But that is far in the future- so for now we he will look something like