Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This is the Life

Hello once again fellow bloggers and blogging community, it's the husband- Brad. Don't ask me what inspired the urge to blog tonight because even I don't know. Anyway, happy 2012! It has been a great year already and I just wanted to type a few words about it.

As we were sitting down to dinner tonight enjoying succulent teriyaki chicken, I realized that this is the life. Many times the world gets caught up in the 'wouldn't that be the life' nonsense and cannot seem to realize the great life they have going on all around them. Yes, it took some absolutely delicious teriyaki chicken to make me realize this this time but all the same, the is the good life. Family, friends, food, education, life is great.

Anyway, now for some pictures...

The week before Christmas we spent a couple days in Seattle and visited our favorite spot- Pikes Place Fish Market where they throw fish and you get tons of samples of everything from smoked salmon, fruit, cheese, hand lotion, etc
Christmas Eve was the famous Schaap Family Sushi Night. Dani made countless sushi rolls, I stuffed countless fried tofu bags with rice, Rick cut endless pounds of beautiful fish, and everyone ate what seemed like 100 pounds and played games until almost Christmas morning. Extremely fun.

We went over to our good friends the Hankins for New Years Eve and had the brown family favorite Special Drinks to ring in the new year.

 On the 3rd, we got some great seats to the Jazz game where one of my best friends and teammates from high school, Jon Leuer, plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. It was great to see him play as he is doing really well as an NBA player (the short guy in the picture is Sheldon Carlson, another high school teammate who, like me, is not in the NBA but also went to watch Jon).

 All in all- Life is great. Can I say more?