Friday, April 20, 2012

Tight and Fast

Ok folks, here's how it is. Dani has gotten me into cycling. Road cycling. I absolutely love it. Little did I know when I joined this sport, that to be accepted into the fraternity of road cyclists, you have to wear tight, flashy clothing. This makes sense as you are trying to go as fast as possible as long as possible with as little wind resistance as possible. When you are as light as me, the smallest gust of wind feels like a hurricane blowing me over. So we recently invested in some tight clothing for me. 

Please excuse the awkwardness of the photo as I was still trying to figure out how it fit.

That jersey makes me feel fast. I am fast. I may have just found my career path.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brad's Birthday & Update

 Well Brad turned the big 2-3! Wahoo! We both have been looking forward to his birthday for a while :) Unfortunately we both had class/work until about 9pm on his actual birthday, so it was celebrated over a few days instead of the day itself. But it all started with a yummy breakfast and a few little (cycling related) gifts in the morning to tide him over until that night!

I picked up some dinner on the way home from class and Brad and I had a late night meal of his favorite thing on this planet: Chipotle. Haha.

And it was also time to give him the gift I had been so excited about for the past few weeks! Brad got this awesome portrait of Portugal while he was on his mission.  And ever since it has been rolled up in the closet with a twisty-tie. So I kind of stole it and wanted to get it framed for him! The framing places were all asking a ridiculous amount of money because it was oversized and with odd dimensions, so I took matters into my own hands :) My Dad's buddy Andrew does a lot of wood-working as his hobby! You see where this is going... we went out and got all the stuff to build our own frame! And I have to say it turned out awesome. I don't know who was more excited- Brad or I! It was really cool to make it from scratch.  Given, Andrew did a ton, but I helped with all of it and got the matting glass and all that good stuff. Brad was so surprised and so excited! Success :) Now we just have to get it on our wall.... 

And somewhere in the birthday week we went to see the Hunger Games! WooHoo! We are big fans and this movie did not disappoint.  Loved it!
 And then it was conference weekend! What a wonderful weekend.  We relaxed watching the first session on Saturday and then we went a little crazy and did our first sprint triathlon! Are we crazy? Yes, a little bit, but it was a lot of fun.  Now our bodies know what it feels like and now we also have A LOT more respect for Tri-athletes. It was hard!

Us and The Schoumans, they killed it.
 And once the swimming, biking, and running was all over it was finally time for the second session of conference and Brad's traditional Birthday Dinner! Burgers with all the fixins, Cheddar Cheese Ruffles, Lemonade, Potato Salad and of course- Chocolate cake and plenty of milk :) What would this boy do without his milk when he has desserts?? That is a Brown thing, the Schaap thing is ice cream! Haha either way it was delicious!

I loved Brad's birthday celebration week.  We even extended it more by going to Buffalo Wild Wings the next week with The Curtis' and Blackners (Basically the Blackners :) ).  And apparently didn't have time to take a picture in between wings. haha.

 So now we are just doing a lot of this....
 And making a lot of these...
Oh and my new found hobby- Gardening!! I am almost done with school and don't quite know what to do with spare time! My real hobby is cooking (bet you never guessed that), so why not extend that and grow my own ingredients?? I am pumped. Really though.  Cutest garden ever! Now we will probably plant our warm stuff this weekend. YES! 
 AND Happy Easter! Here comes Peter Cotton Tail... Here is an example of what looked like a cute Easter treat. WRONG! Talk about frustrating.  These were the hardest eggs in the world to peel. Tweet Tweet Chomp.

My thoughts exactly.