Monday, October 17, 2011

A Fallish Weekend

This past weekend we tried to take advantage.  

The weather has been unusually warm lately, so we figured we better get up in the mountains!! The colors are unbelievable and the hike is one of our favorites! Only about 10 mins away from our house :) And it is even still enjoyable when we both are incredibly sore and our behinds are screaming at us the whole time! haha. 

Hello Fall! 
 Thank you for being 75 degrees and beautiful so we could enjoy what you have to offer!!

Gosh I wish it could just stay like this and leave all that cold white stuff up at the ski resorts.  However the soups, fireplace, chili, donuts, and pumpkin bread have been a 
welcomed perk of Fall!


of course, you have to carve some pumpkins!!
According to my mom- I must have carved the "Princess One"........???!!? 
Haha- love you mom- you are crazy!!!

**Clarification: Brad carved the spooky cat and Dani carved the BATMAN (not princess)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


What's not to love about conference weekend?? 

Wonderful words of wisdom/inspiration to get us through 6 months of life's ups and downs.  I love it.  President Monson brings a wonderful spirit and a feeling of optimism worldwide.  I'm grateful for his inspired counsel and reminders.  And for all of the talks given this weekend.  Brad and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while relaxing, listening, breakfasting at Blake and Spence's and munching on these yummy snacks. 

PS- yes we baked them after this picture, and yes they were made Brown Family style.  
Aka LOADED= more stuff, less roll.  :) Meri- I'm learning!