Friday, August 31, 2012


A few weekends ago we made a little trip up to Boise to visit our friends the Schoumans and also to compete in a Triathlon! Brad represented our family and represented well. This was the first real tri that he’s competed in and it also happened to be a national qualifying event. Yikes? So there were some pretty crazy people here, but it was also a lot of fun. Good thing Brad can hang with those crazy people.

Sigh the crisp early morning to make sure everything was set up and ready for him.IMG_1020

Josh & Brad


My Man. Sexy Babe. IMG_1022

The Bike Station. National Qualifying event- can you imagine how much $$$ is there in just bikes?? Reminds me of Lotoja. IMG_1023


Brad, Dani, Josh, JaleeseIMG_1026

Right before the cannon went off!  IMG_1027

 IMG_1028   He said the swim was by far the hardest part! IMG_1031

He is glad to have that part over with. Get this man on his bike!  IMG_1032

Feeling much more in his element here…  IMG_1033

Jaleese killed it!  IMG_1034  Bike (12 mi in 39 mins) -->RunIMG_1036  Not quite sure how he’s feeling about this whole running thing…. IMG_1038

But he made it! And he did amazing. Brad is incredibly athletic and is good at pretty much all he does. It is not fair!


Crossing the Finish line… yay!!!


The after effects haha


So proud! What a fun experience even as the support vehicle!

IMG_1040   Brad did great and he’s even looking forward to doing another one! Next time Josh and I will right in there too!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brown Lake-ation 2012

YES! We love August! The annual Brown Family Boating/Skiing/Eating extravaganza! We seriously missed Shaina this year and Kyle for that matter! But we had a lot of fun all being together and eating peaches!!
Welcome to Wenatchee! Same house we stayed in last year, we love it!
P1060891 P1060890 
The gorgeous water! Not a ripple!!
The water was collllllllddddd! For about 2 mins, and then it was wonderful!
Yeah I was cold haha.

P1060900 P1060899P1060911 P1060912
Mel makes it look easy!!
This is Brad’s happy place…


P1060888 P1060959 P1060963 P1060964 P1060971 P1060972 P1060977
P1060983 P1060988 P1060992
Yes this is Mel! Haha
Had to use a lot of soap to get those big feet in that board!
Favorite Picture of the week!
“Is this corn hand-shucked?”

 And so begins the football throws!
 This one is way funny because Brad was throwing, I was filming, and Mel was driving. As soon as Brad throws it Mel yanks back on the break and Brad and I went flying! haha we didn't get hurt, it was just pretty funny!


Summer Feast!



IMG_1043 IMG_1050 IMG_1051We love our 3 nephews, niece and 2 on the way so much! I wish we all saw each other more, but it makes us cherish the times we have together! Thank heavens for FaceTime :)
It was a busy/relaxing week and we loved every minute of it. Holding true to tradition 2 of us got sick. Me for about 18 hours, and Dan’s lungs sounded pretty bad. Mine was rough, but it didn’t last long (thank you pepto-gatorade combo). Charley, Mel, Jesse, Brad and I got a lot of runs in on the boat considering we were missing so many people! Shaina was home using all her energy to grow a baby, Em wasn’t feeling like getting on a boat because she is pregnant as well, and Kyle is in Uruguay! We threw the football, Brad didn’t catch it so we swung back around and picked up the football while Brad was still on the wakeboard – 4 times! He was pretty tired after that run :)