Friday, February 17, 2012

4 Years.

Well hello fellow bloggers and social media followers. Once again it is Brad. It was suggested by my wonderful wife that I blog about the past little while and since I have nothing to do on a Friday morning- I figured I would whip up a quick update on our lives since you are all dying to know. 

So four whole years ago was a big night in our relationship. I took a huge gamble. To make a good story short, I actually KISSED Dani on Valentines Night. Talk about taking a plunge. Four years (a mission and a year of being in denial) later, we are living happily ever after. So as much as Hallmark Holidays can be kind of cheesy, V-Day is kinda a big deal for us. Here is a picture from this years Valentines Day Dinner.

This year's menu consisted of fancy cheese and bread, expertly seasoned and  seared halibut, roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes and a molten lava cake for dessert. My taste buds were screamin' for joy. Delicious.

 And here is a picture from last years dinner (cracked peppercorn cream sauce with steak, caesar salad, bruchetta, roasted asparagus with parmesan, again, delicious).

As you can see, we like to have cranberry juice in wine glasses.

  Also last year.

This is us 4 years ago as best friends just hanging out. Boy do I look 12 years old. How did I get so lucky?

In other news, basketball is nearing its end. During halftime recently, the Utah Jazz Dunk team visited and put on a show. I sure wish I could have seen it but Dani took a video for me. What you don't know is I don't need a trampoline to do these tricks.

Well, life is great. Enough said, right?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy Little Bees

Well it has been a while...

That is because we have been running around like crazy! 2012 has flown.  Crazy! It is already February and I can't even believe it.  Let's play a little catch up here.  I started my internship working for the Church.  What a whirlwind of an experience! I work closely with the Meetinghouse Technologies department.  So any technology that is in the meetinghouse- that is us! It's been over a month now, and I have to say I've been involved in some pretty cool projects already. Not to mention an article I wrote was published in the Church News (Whhatttt?)!

Along with working, Brad and I also started school.  My LAST semester of school I might add.  Forever.  Never again.  No more tuition.  No more finals, studying or freaking school group projects.  Dunzo. 

Unless it is culinary school. Just saying.

But I'm {almost} done! WAHOO! Words cannot describe...!

But yeah, we started school.  For a math lover hater, Brad is being baptized by fire.  His first stats class AND first Calc class-same semester.  Yikes! But he is being very diligent and really catching on quickly, I'm so proud! He might even start loving Excel if he hangs around me any longer!

Basketball is also in full swing.  It's been an interesting season, to say the least.  We won't mentioned the 12 hour bus rides to Montana, or the endless Subway sandwiches as of recently.  But we will mention that the team is home 3/4 weekends in February! Double yay from me! I love home games because I love watching Brad play, but also because it is a perfect excuse to invite friends to come watch! Like this picture for example. 

And bonus- it was Curtis' bday the next day, and we went over to celebrate! 2 days in a row!! YES! But really though, I love when our friends come to B's games.  SO fun to catch up and watch a little bball.  More pictures to come after the next 3/4 weekends :)

Well what else has been going on? We are just getting used to being super busy again.  We usually go 12 hrs in between seeing each other every day... Not exactly ideal.  But we are still finding time to have fun together. And maybe even when we aren't together! Last weekend I went to a cooking class while Brad was out of town! A wonderful and extremely thoughtful Christmas gift from cute Brad.  It was really fun and I was totally in my element... Fresh Pasta this time.  Ravioli anyone?

Beet red fresh pasta with a ricotta, spinach filling topped with a brown butter and sage sauce.  Winner. Along with a Spinach pasta with Butternut squash filling and a seafood bisque sauce.  Also favorite, but not as much.
Blake and I were stellar students! Monica in the cooking class on FRIENDS anyone?
 Thanks for the really fun Christmas gift Brad! (Also- we really missed you Kenz!) We are already scoping out our next one. 

Well that is a pretty good sum of what has been going on! Brad and I are also having lots of  "super-secret-planning-sessions" to plan a certain graduation trip... :)  If you are a Brown Sibling, then you know all about these super-secret-planning-sessions!

Until next time! (PS-that class session was well spent)