Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello Autumn

This past weekend Brad and I felt as thought it would be a disgrace to the Mother Nature herself if we didn’t go see those beautiful Fall colors up close and personal. So we went on a drive up Little Cottonwood on Friday and then on a hike up Neff’s canyon on Saturday! Here are pictures {a fraction of the ones I took} for our posterity.

Oh and PS we saw a snake


 P1070160 P1070196a P1070203 P1070205a  P1070207a






 P1070219a P1070221


P1070225 P1070233a


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekends Update

And we’re back! (Jimmy Fallon anyone? ….Anyone?) 

The last few weekends before school started were pretty fun! I feel like we took advantage of our time before O-Chem started consuming all of our his time.
First up- Marianne’s baby shower! Love these life-long friends of mine…  Friends since elementary school!


Next up- Day trip to Pickleville Playhouse in Bear Lake! So dang funny. Spence was deathly afraid he was going to be forced to eat pickles the whole time, but luckily for him he just got to laugh his head off instead. If you are in range of Bear Lake and can swing it- GO SEE THIS PLAY. It is absolutely hilarious. Juanito Bandito. This has become a Schaap Family tradition. It’s over this year, but they come to SLC at the beginning of the year. I promise you will not be disappointed!! Oh and if possible, go with my dad because his laugh is hilarious and contagious!

Bear Lake! It is about an hour north from Logan, and totally worth it.

 You can't go to Bear Lake and NOT get a La Beau's raspberry shake. That is just un-American.

 "Oh yeah, that just happened!"


Over Labor Day weekend was finally the Blackner wedding! Tim and Laina are great together and we’ve been looking forward to this for a while :) After a crazy weather day, they had a beautiful ceremony and reception. Again- life-long friends!

Sadly, it was POURING rain as we were waiting for them to come out. It cleared up a little later, but it was kind of a bummer.
“It’s like raaaaaa—iiiiannnnnnnn on your wedding day….” P1070088
All of us were huddled in the one corner trying to stay out of the rain! P1070089
It wasn’t long ago that this guy and I were being sealed in the temple… Best year ever.
Makes me happy to see my friends get married in the temple and get those blessings too.  P1070091
Mr. & Mrs.  P1070092 P1070093
Oh and did I mention the Timp. Temple was under construction that day?  Kind of another bummer, but it was a wonderful day nonetheless and hopefully their photographer can photoshop the non-orange version in…
Brad & Lindsay P1070097
The reception was at Sundance and it was BEA-U-TIFUL! P1070100
  These pictures really don’t do it justice…P1070106
Why not? P1070113
After all the wedding bliss, the next day while I was on a bike ride I decided it was absolutely necessary for us to take a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. You’ll see why below. Sorry for the cheesiness, but welcome to Zion, people.
Normally, at this point I would feel compelled to jump into Photoshop and really make those colors pop out, but instead I’m posting (a lot of) unaltered photos.
I love these mountains. They are home! P1070116
Hello AutumnP1070120
This place is undeniable. P1070129
Side note- got 2 new huge monitors at work. It was like Christmas! Can I get an Amen?? Anybody?

Just leaving the Gym one morning... Good morning!

Blake and I were feeling a little wild at Fashion Night out! 

And last but not least- I jammed. If this isn't enough freezer jam to get us through the winter, we have some serious jam issues!
That is all for now!