Thursday, August 25, 2011


Among our crazy new schedules, you always need to make time for the important things!

Like this little slice of heaven :)

Fruit Tarts are probably my favorite things!
I made this one this week and just wanted to share!

Who needs an MBA? Can't I just make fruit tarts for a living??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, to my dismay, SCHOOL is upon us yet again.
And Oh Boy is it upon us
It was nice knowing you.
See you next summer.

I've gone into "hibernation" for the next 8 months

Today: Meeting, Class, work, Class from 6-10pm
Tomorrow: Work 8-5, Class 6-10

So long, farewell outside world!

Yes, this is a self-realization moment!

Warmest Week of the year??
I miss the sun!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brown Lake Vacation

Meet the Brown Family...

Add the Lake.
You have got yourself one great week!

My very first Brown Family Vacation! And boy am I glad they have such a wonderful Lake vacation tradition! We all headed to Seattle where we then drove out to Wenatchee, WA to basically our own private lake.

We stayed at a gorgeous cabin
And played on the glass lake alllllllll dayyyyyy long :)
One whole week of lake, ski, wakeboard, tube, games, reading, eating, peaches, abstracts, and great quality family time! I just wish we could all get together more often!!

Jesse Tearing it up

This picture doesn't do it justice, because Brad is unstoppable on a ski. WATCH OUT.
My Husband :)
Me? I've completely turned over to the skiing world! Used to wakeboard, but skiing is so much more gratifying! Oh and did I mention we have the cutest nephews & niece ever? Little Stevie Cheesing it up!
Call him Captain Baby Dan
Rose didn't get to ski this year, but soon enough!
Steve and Em on a wild tube ride :)
Soon to be Elder Brown- don't worry this was his first time wakeboarding... 2 180's and some major air, he's ok.
Jesse figured it out too...
The Man.

Uncle Ky Ky and his passengers.

Despite all the skiing and boating time, I think this may have been Brad's favorite part of the trip! Uncle Brad was pretty fun!

Thanks Lake for a wonderful week of extreme relaxation and extremely sore necks- see you again next year!